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Escape of The Zombies

The Ultimate Haunted House in Australia

Fear Factor – 11 out of 10!!!!!

Visit us at Perth Royal Show and mention “SHOWTIME” to get a $1 discount for Escape of the Zombies

Zombies are loose and infected!

An experimental drug administered to volunteers inside our research facility has created a contagion…

No one is safe as the “brain eating zombies” are now rampant throughout this facility! We have to send teams in to help our highly skilled medicos assess the situation to try and find out how to overcome this safety breach…

The world is doomed if we are unsuccessful!!!

No one is safe!!! Will you be brave enough?


Zombie Victims


  • Funny Face Clowns
  • SpringBall Game
  • American Hi-Striker
  • Crazy Bus Game
  • Arabian Derby
  • Trade Promotion
  • Monkey Race Game
  • General Games


  • Mega Drop
  • Cup & Saucer
  • The Mixer
  • Buried Alive
  • Haunted Hotel
  • The Rage
  • Crazy Rider
  • Phantom Roadster